about us

Our mission is to continually improve this farm and make it a sought out destination for people who love country living, nature, fishing, hiking, swimming, wildlife, and a laid back vacation without all the distractions of modern society; a place that brings families closer together.

This 100 acre farm was purchased by the Carver family in 2016.  For many years, Dan Carver Jr. (the father) and Dan Carver III (the son) often talked about wanting to own a farm.  Needless to say, this was the second farm they looked at, and once they saw it, had to own it.  They were impressed with the fact there were two separate lodges at opposite ends of the property, a 17 acre lake stocked with largemouth bass, channel catfish, and bluegill, and a natural 30 foot waterfall, the sound of which could put you to sleep in minutes.  They were also impressed that two spring-fed creeks runs through one whole side of the farm and there were hiking/ATV trails throughout most of the property.  The abundant wildlife that often come through the property and lake views from both lodges sealed the deal.  The father and son were so excited, in fact, that they made an offer on the farm right then, and quickly realized they would have to go home to explain to their wives what they had done.  Fortunately, their wives were excited and quickly went down to see what projects the family should start first to begin making the farm as fun as possible.  This farm is a labor of love for the Carvers and they are excited to allow others to enjoy the property by renting out both lodges, the proceeds of which will be reinvested into the farm to continually improve it for future guests.  They are excited to share their recent projects on their Facebook page and on the Recent Project Page on this website.  Pictured above is the Carver family from left to right: Dan Carver III, Trisha Carver, Taylor Carver, Dan Carver Jr., Dan (Cash) Carver IV, Marie Carver.  Come check out why the Carvers love this place so much and why they refer to it as their "Paradise".